Monday, April 12, 2010

Challenge #2

Welcome back!  We're super excited to bring you our 2nd challenge and a new sponsor!  As I said, I don't anticipate all challenges having a prize, but . . . they are fun aren't they?! :)  Our super sponsor for this challenge is The Greeting Farm!  We love the adorable character stamps from TGF and send a huge thank you to Marie and Jessica for being so willing and excited to sponsor us!

The challenge for this round come from Jessica Diedrich, the DT coordinator for Club AnyaCute as a Button - make a card using 2-3 buttons (or more if you're in the mood!).  That's it - fun stuff!

Remember to leave us a link directly to your card and we'll give you until Sunday, April 25th to enter.  The winner will receive their very own rubber stamp from The Greeting Farm, how cool is that!!

Have fun everyone!


  1. Julie, I had NO IDEA THIS EXISTED!!!! What a fabulous idea! My oldest DD for sure will be on this like hotcakes :)
    Is there an age limit?

  2. Oh oh! I suspect Charlotte will have a 1000+ on hers! Thanks for picking her...I will tell her when I go pick her up from preschool this AM! Cheers Julie and kids!

  3. Hey Jules (& Emma)! Joely and a friend played again! They loved this challenge, great idea!

  4. Amber had so much fun with this challenge - thanks so much for making her day!


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